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Hours of Operation

Sun-Thurs - 10:30 - 8:00

Fri & Sat- 10:30 - 9:00


5100 Fountains Drive NE, Ste 100

(Next to HyVee on Edgewood Rd)

Cedar Rapids, IA 52411

Phone: 319-294-6772


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Our back story:  At Saucy Focaccia we are a family owned and operated business that started as a food truck in 2013. Paul, the owner had a dream to open a restaurant. His love for food inspired him to create a menu that would appeal to the masses. He knew he wanted to do gourmet sandwiches but it needed to be special. He went to the testing kitchen and developed a special focaccia bread recipe. This soon became the corner stone of the menu. Pairing that fresh baked focaccia bread with some traditional sandwiches made it really something special.


Secret Ingredient: Some people might think our secret ingredient is our fresh baked bread,  our homemade cheese sauces or even our fresh pressed beef patties but we feel it's our family. We put so much love and attention into the food and service we provide. We hope you feel it when you visit us. We love what we do and we want to share it with you.


We are just getting started:  In three short years we have moved from the food truck to Newbo City Market and is now own our own beautiful restaurant in the Fountains, next to HyVee off Edgewood Road in NE Cedar Rapids.


family in front of food truck close up 2015